Liquidity providers can earn $TETHYS tokens for staking their LP tokens on the farm. For the provider, it means he is not only earning the liquidity pool trading fees, but also yield on top.

Quadratic farming

To make farming more fun, we are using a model called "progressive farming." The more you stake your tokens on the farm, the more multipliers you get applied to your harvest amount, up to 30%.
Quadratic farming

Allocation points

TETHYS emissions are split among all existing farms. To decide the % of emissions for each farm there are allocation points. More points - more % of emissions this farm gets. This parameter has direct impact on APR. We adjust allocation points based on trading volume, demand and other important metrics.
220x - allocation points

How to join a farm

1) Provide liquidity following this guide.
2) Go to and choose a farm you like the most
3) Click the "+" symbol
4) Select the amount of LP tokens you want to put in the farm
Add LP tokens to the farm
5) Click "Confirm", confirm transaction in your Metamask
6) That's it! Now you can periodically harvest your hard earned $TETHYS tokens