RPC aggregator (alpha)

Tethys distributed RPC nodes system

⚠️ Warning ⚠️ While Tethys RPC aggregator is under alpha testing, stability, reliability, speed and uptime are not guaranteed.

Tethys solves scalability issues

What is Tethys RPC?

Tethys RPC aggregator is a solution to solve RPC scalability issues by providing a single-entry RPC which performs complicated routing / proxying in order to fix the majority of encountered issues "on the fly" for Metis Andromeda users to provide them with a seamless experience.


In our experience, every network at some point suffers growing pains related to RPC nodes. When it happens, user experience decreases drastically and it might scare away new people. That's why we came up with the idea of distributed RPC aggregator before METIS networks starts being stress-tested, so we all can be better prepared for waves of newcomers. TBA

How we achieve this


How to participate in Alpha testing

In Metamask settings, set as the RPC URL endpoint.
In case of any issues: