Tethys Bridge

What is Tethys Bridge?

Tethys Bridge is an easy and user friendly solution for people to bridge a variety of assets to and from Metis Andromeda network.


Currently there are 7 different bridges operating on Metis Andromeda network. Each of them serves unique tokens. At some point it became hard to realise which bridge should be used for a specific asset from user perspective. Tethys eliminates this problem by aggregating all 7 bridges into one entry point with simple but powerful UI.
The second problem we address is lack of liquidity. For instance, if a user decided to bridge FTM from Fantom to Metis Andromeda via Multichain bridge and after bridging found that there is no liquidity for Multichain's FTM. Tethys Bridge wouldn't suggest such bridge at all

How does it work

When user selects From and To networks on Tethys Bridge, it offers a list of available tokens that are actively used within Metis Andromeda network, so users should never run into a problem with lack of liquidity.

How to bridge

1) Go to Tethys Bridge:​
2) Select From and To networks
3) Confirm changing networks in MetaMask if required
4) Select a token from the list
5) Enter an amount you want to bridge over
6) Approve (if required)
7) Transfer
8) Welcome to the Metis Andromeda!