Deep staking

What is Deep staking

By staking, users receive xTETHYS tokens as a receipt. This receipt is a ERC-20 token that also can be used for staking. Deep staking pools allow users to stake xTETHYS and earn tokens of our partners.
While doing Deep staking, holders are earning rewards from 4 diverse sources: 1) Since all staked TETHYS is lent on Tethys Market, everyone in xTETHYS benefits from Supply APR in Tethys-Metis pool. This reward is applied over time, without a need for a distribution to happen. 2) DEX fees (0.03 of each swap) are used to buy back TETHYS and distribute them to xTETHYS holders. 3) Borrow fees from Tethys Market. There is a share of borrow fees that protocol earns over time. We distribute these fees to xTETHYS holders as well. 4) Tokens of our partners farmed in Deep staking pools

How to join Deep staking pool

1) Stake your TETHYS as xTETHYS using this guide
2) select the Deep staking tab
3) Choose a pool, click on it, enter the amount of xTETHYS you want to stake and stake it

Inactive pools

The Deep Staking pools are only active for a certain period of time. If the pool has ended and was not prolonged within 60 days after ending, the team reserves the right to withdraw the unclaimed rewards (not applies to xTETHYS / xMETIS receipts) and reuse them as an incentive in other ways.