$TETHYS is the main currency for:
  • hold
  • incentivize liquidity
  • stake
  • governance
$TETHYS token benefits from each swap made on our exchange. 0.03% fee is being used to market buy $TETHYS and reward xTETHYS holders.
Our end goal is to make $TETHYS sustainable: for this purpose, we need to buy back and reward or burn more than current emissions for liquidity incentivizing are.

How to buy

You can buy $TETHYS by choosing $METIS - $TETHYS pair on exactly like shown on the screenshot below:
Buying TETHYS with METIS

IDO (Initial DEX offering)

$TETHYS was initially distributed via the IDO scheme on 17.12.2021. 800 METIS were pooled against 5,000,000 of $TETHYS, setting the price of 1 $TETHYS = 0,00016 METIS (~1 cent).


Minted - 6,000,000 $TETHYS
Provided to LP - 5,000,000 $TETHYS
The first buy back - 130 METIS (~750,000 $TETHYS)
this leaves the developer wallet with 1,750,000 $TETHYS
1 year locking - 1,500,000 $TETHYS
100% of developer's liquidity buried (locked forever)
Supply distribution


At launch, our emission schedule is based on $TETHYS per second. Every second, 0.15 TETHYS are minted, doubling the supply in a year. A 10% emission drop happens each year. This is subject to change as the project matures and the ecosystem evolves.

Max supply

At some point we will introduce max. supply of TETHYS. Max supply will be achieved by a smart contact that will be given permissions for MasterChef emission settings (sole possible minter of TETHYS emissions)