The sole token of Tethys


$TETHYS is the main currency for:
  • holding
  • staking
  • governing the protocol
$TETHYS token benefits from trading fees earned on our exchange. Every week trading fees are distributed to $TETHYS stakers over a one week period.

How to buy

You can buy $TETHYS by choosing $METIS - $TETHYS pair on exactly like shown on the screenshot below:
Buying TETHYS with METIS

IDO (Initial DEX offering)

$TETHYS was initially distributed via the IDO scheme on 17.12.2021. 800 METIS were pooled against 5,000,000 of $TETHYS, setting the price of 1 $TETHYS = 0,00016 METIS (~1 cent).


Minted - 6,000,000 $TETHYS
Provided to LP - 5,000,000 $TETHYS
The first buy back - 130 METIS (~750,000 $TETHYS)
this leaves the developer wallet with 1,750,000 $TETHYS
1 year locking - 1,500,000 $TETHYS
50% of total liquidity buried (locked forever)


UPD: Emissions are turned off

Max supply

TETHYS is locked at the maximum supply of 10,625,000 tokens in existence. No more token emissions are planned.