Gas for everyone in need


The faucet makes life easier for people who want to buy $METIS on the Andromeda network with $USDT, $USDC, $ETH without having to buy $METIS on Ethereum and bridge it to Andromeda to have the gas to do so.

How to use it

1) Bridge any amount of tokens from to Metis Andromeda using Tethys Bridge.
2) Make sure your wallet doesn't have enough $METIS for a transaction.
3) Go to Tethys discord ​
4) In #faucet channel, type `!faucet 0x141d48801abC47213D7f714b77618E698ADCbe44`, insert wallet address you used in step 1
5) The bot will check if the request is legitimate. If so, it transfers you the $METIS tokens, otherwise it says what's wrong with the request.